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Maxtrax MKII

MAXTRAX is the lightweight, easy-to-use vehicle recovery and extraction device that’s easily carried by almost anything with four-wheels ensuring an easy way out if your vehicle becomes stuck. MAXTRAX takes the drama out of getting stuck. The aggressive large cleats… Read more »

Dynamat’s Superlite Tri-Pack

30% Lighter. 30% Thinner. Dynamat SuperLite is a high-efficiency sound damping material used to stop noise and vibration in your automobile. It is the same sticky butyl rubber Constrain Layer Damper (CLD) as Dynamat Xtreme in a 30% thinner, and… Read more »

Lightforce LED Bar Mounting Brackets “O” Mounts

Lightforce have designed a range of mounts and brackets to suit their range of LED light bars. All mounts and brackets are designed and built to the highest standards that customers have come to expect from Lightforce. The Lightforce range… Read more »

Uniden’s Antenna – AT890BK

The AT890BK is a fibreglass raydome antenna with stainless steel spring. Engineered and designed for all round use, flat terrain, town and country, the AT890BK is a rugged and durable antenna to suit your driving needs. Ground independent with 6.6… Read more »

Outback Armour Winch Utility Kit

The Outback Armour winch utility kit is perfect for all 4WD winching applications. This kit features: 10 tonne rated straps (winch extension, tree trunk protector), rated bow shackles (2 x 4.74 tonne, 1 x 5.75 tonne), a 10 tonne snatch… Read more »

Roadsafe Recovery Tow Points

Offroad driving demands for strong, reliable recovery tow points to cope with a huge variety of recovery situations. The purpose of a recovery tow point is to provide a safe and secure point from which to recover a stuck vehicle…. Read more »

Darche Hi-View Roof Top Tent With Annex

The Hi-View 1400 Roof Top Tent with Annex is a robust built unit. Constructed using a 260gsm poly/cotton ripstop canvas, the tent will perform and last, ensuring hassle free touring. The Hi-View Gen 2 comes complete with a large full… Read more »

Uniden Twin Antenna – AT970BK

The AT970BK Twin is a dual removable fibreglass raydome whip pack with stainless steel spring. Engineered and designed for all round use, flat terrain, town and country, the AT970BK Twin is a rugged and durable antenna to suit your driving… Read more »

Trail Gear – Rock Ripper Air Filter

Trail Gear – Rock Ripper Air Filter Replacement filter for your Extreme air intake system.   If you have any questions feel free to contact us through our Contact Page   Trail Gear – Rock Ripper Air Filter

Sabelt Titan Race Seat

FIA 8855/1999 Gel-coated Fibreglass Shell High Side Leg Shape – Maximum Lateral Support 5 Harness Slots Side Mounting Two Shell Sizes   If you have any questions feel free to contact us through our Contact Page   Sabelt TITAN Race Seat

Alpinestars Delta Suit_2017

A comfortable, close-fitting performance racing suit which incorporates excellent safety features and technically innovative materials, the Delta Suit is certified to FIA homologation standards. Lightweight and anatomically optimized, the Delta features new colorways   If you have any questions feel… Read more »

Lightforce Genesis LED Driving Lights

Pushing the limits of daylight and truly redefining LED performance with an output of 1053m @ 1 LUX, Lightforce’s Australian designed and made 140W Genesis LED provides increased audio clarity with the inclusion of CISPR25 compliant reduced radio frequency interference… Read more »

Clearview Towing Mirrors

Clearview Towing Mirrors are a full replacement towing mirror. This means they are mounted as a direct replacement for your standard side mirrors. A clever design incorporates two different surfaces that provide different but important visuals. The top mirror has… Read more »

CouplerTec 2WD Heavy Duty System

This system has been specifically designed to protect motor cars (hatchbacks, sedans, wagons and small vans*) from rust. It will also dramatically reduce the effects of corrosion on those vehicles which are frequently exposed to use within highly corrosive environments… Read more »

Darche’s Mozzie Annex

Designed to work in tandem with the Eclipse Awnings, the Mozzie Annex provides perfect insect management when touring. The Mozzie Annex is light weight, strong and a must have in your touring setup. Available in 4 sizes.   If you… Read more »

Redarc Tow-Pro Break Controllers

The REDARC Tow-Pro™ Electric Brake Controllers are designed to suit most common trailer braking applications while requiring minimal dash space and being simple to install and operate. The REDARC Tow-Pro™ Elite Electric Brake Controller offers two types of braking, proportional… Read more »

Safari Snorkel

Safari Snorkels are for more than just deep water crossings where they ensure water does not make its way through your airbox and into your engine while crossing rivers and unexpected floodways. The fitment of a well designed and constructed… Read more »

Uniden UH9000 Accessory Pack

The UH9000 is a CB Radio in the Trade Quality Professional Series of UHF Radios. This compact and durable mobile radio provides the best communication on road while keeping you connected even in the most remote locations. What makes the… Read more »

Outback Armour Snatch Strap 11T/9M

Outback Armour snatch straps are designed and certified to provide a minimum of 20% stretch under full rated load during a vehicle recovery. Features of this snatch strap include: cordura shielded eyes, neoprene sleeves to protect the stitching from abrasion… Read more »

Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awnings

Rhino Rack easy-to-use design means the Sunseeker can be set up or packed away within minutes. Everything you need is included: poles, ropes, pegs, plus a fitting kit to help you mount the awning to your roof rack. When not… Read more »