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Clearview Rock Tamers

Rock Tamers™ help to provide protection while towing Caravans, Fifth Wheelers, Horse Floats Boats, Jet Skis & Trailers, Bike & ATV Trailers and more. Rock Tamers are the premiere “Adjustable and Removable” Mudflap System designed to provide the ultimate protection… Read more »

LightForce ROK10 And ROK20 LED Utility Lights

Perfect for a wide range of applications, the ROK lights from Lightforce are a unique solution to a range of lighting needs – use them as a reversing light, a motorbike handlebar light or even as a work light while… Read more »

Outback Armour Quick Snatch Kit

Whenever you go off-road you should take the equipment with you to recover your vehicle if you find yourself stuck. It is important to use the correctly rated straps and attachments to suit the size and weight (GVM) of your… Read more »

Darche Eclipse Awnings

The Eclipse vehicle awnings provide instant shelter and now come with super flex pivoting hinges which reduce component stress and failure common with inferior versions. Constructed from specifically formulated Polyamide, the new Darche spec hinges are highly crack resistant with… Read more »

MSA’s Water Bra

Manufactured from heavy duty 420 Denier PVC backed Oxford Nylon Allows you to cross through water without risking damage to your radiator Helps to prevent expensive damage to internal vehicle components 10 second “quick-fit” design for easy installation 50mm side… Read more »

Dynamat’s Dynadeck

DynaDeck is a weatherproof and waterproof carpet replacement. The 1/8” embossed vinyl layer with the 1/4” Dynaliner layer combine to stop noise and heat transfer through the floor. DynaDeck does not absorb water and is ideal for use in street… Read more »

Darche’s King Dome MAX-TREME® Swag

Based on the iconic Superdome model, the King Dome is wider at 1100mm and is constructed with a PVC base, making it suitable for tropical climates. Like the Superdome, the King Dome has now been upgraded with a 70mm thick… Read more »

Outback Armour Equaliser Strap 10T/3M

Outback Armour equaliser straps are designed and certified to 10 tonnes rated capacity for safety. Features of this equaliser strap include: cordura shielded eyes, neoprene sleeves to protect the stitching from abrasion, protective centre sleeve for joining snatch straps and… Read more »

Uniden Radio – UH8060S 

Mini Compact Size UHF CB Mobile The unit has a Remote Speaker Microphone with a built-in Large LCD Backlit Screen, which allows you to control all functions and features remotely, including volume and Power On/Off. Choose from 7 backlit display… Read more »

Outback Armour Off-Road Recoil Tow Strap 4T/6M

You never know when you or a mate will need a tow back to civilisation. This tow strap is engineered to recoil when slack to reduce risk of entanglement around tyres and abrasion from surfaces during use. Tow straps are… Read more »

Stilo Trophy DES Practice Headset

Fully functional with the Trophy DES intercom system. Includes folding headset, metal microphone and wired connection plug.   If you have any questions feel free to contact us through our Contact Page   Stilo Trophy DES Practice Headset

LightForce Venom LED Driving Light

The Australian designed and made Venom LED packs a generous beam of 850M @ 1 LUX into compact housing, perfect for any application. Providing increased audio clarity with the inclusion of CISPR25 compliant reduced radio frequency interference technology, Venom LED… Read more »

Darche Frontier Swag

The all new revolutionary Frontier is the ultimate 360° hybrid swag. With innovative 360° views and 360° class leading ventilation, the Darche Frontier is the most unique four season tourer to hit the outdoor market. Features include near vertical walls,… Read more »

ERPS – Electron Rust Prevention Systems

The ERPS system consists of an Electron Generator that is attached to a series of Electro-Couplers. Generator –Hard wired to the vehicle battery, drawing a small current (approx 20 milliamps). Couplers – The distribution point for the charge. The Electron… Read more »

Molecule Complete Care Kit

Everything you need to care for your gear is here in your Complete Care Kit which contains a 16 oz. Trigger Spray Wash, 16 oz. Refresh, 16 oz. Protector & 4 oz. Spot Cleaner. Caring for your gear has never… Read more »

MSA Fridge Barriers

MSA 4X4’s Fridge Barriers provides protection to your fridge while also helping to increase storage possibilities in your vehicle. The Fridge Barriers are adjustable in height, making them incredibly versatile across a range of different fridges. They are easy to… Read more »

LightForce 140mm Lance

It may be small, but the 140 LANCE™ can be a wise choice! If you need high performance in a compact package, this is the answer. Off-road comp vehicles often install these as fog, winch, crawling or reversing lights with… Read more »

Roadsafe Underbody Protection

Roadsafe 4WD Protection Pates perfectly integrate with the vehicles key underbody designs with carefully positioned water dispersion and venting holes. The Roadsafe 4WD Protection Plates work to protect the key undercar components without compromising airflow, water disbursement or durability. Offroad… Read more »

Bog Out Vehicle Recovery Kit

BOG OUT turns your wheels into winches. It is a 4 tonne, 4.5m long harness designed to capture a driven wheel and can be used in almost all vehicle recovery situations. Attach one end to the bogged wheel and then… Read more »

VRS Winches

In a tight spot the VRS winch can be relied upon to deliver fast line speed and powerful pulling power. In the most extreme conditions this high speed, powerful winch has the muscle to haul your vehicle back on track… Read more »