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Molecule Complete Care Kit

Everything you need to care for your gear is here in your Complete Care Kit which contains a 16 oz. Trigger Spray Wash, 16 oz. Refresh, 16 oz. Protector & 4 oz. Spot Cleaner. Caring for your gear has never… Read more »

Alpinestars Tech 1 Start Gloves

Alpinestars Tech 1 Start Gloves With a significant weight-saving thanks to new material construction technology, the extremely lightweight and comfortable Tech 1 Start Glove features excellent grip response, while the aramidic main shell offers high levels of heat and flame… Read more »

COBRA Sebring Pro “GT”

COBRA Sebring Pro GT has the full luxuries of a tight fit extreme hold racing seat. High sides and head restraint with extra clearance for use with a Hans Device. The head restraints are closed in for maximum protection and… Read more »

COBRA Evolution Standard

Constructed from a lightweight composite laminate construction (GRP or glass reinforced plastic) the COBRA Evolution has the full luxuries of a tight fit extreme hold racing seat. The evolution has high sides and head restraint with extra clearance for use… Read more »

Alpinestars Bionic Rib Protector – Adult

Alpinestars Bionic Rib Protector is a high-performance, lightweight, ergonomically constructed guard for the ribs and kidneys, the Bionic Rib Support incorporates intelligent adjustment features to offer kart drivers a supremely comfortable, customized and supporting fit.   If you have any… Read more »

Trail Gear Creeper Joints

These heavy duty rod ends are ideal for today’s flexible suspension systems. Super strong, Creeper Joints will hold up to years of punishment. The outer shell is a single forged piece of SAE 5140 chromoly steel. The inner flex ball… Read more »

Alpinestars Tech 1-Z

Alpinestars top of the range motor racing boot utilising premium grade materials and construction. Complies with FIA 8856-2000 homologation standard. This ultra lightweight is made with kangaroo leather upper and features strategically positioned perforated zones for exceptional ventilation.   If… Read more »


This was from a post on Facebook from drag racer Dusty Rose. He was very lucky to walk away from a big flaming wreck, but his comments about safety gear should hit home to all motorsport competitors; Dusty Rose Racing… Read more »

Molecule Wash Kit

Bundled kit of (1) Molecule WASH pour bottle & (1) Molecule SPOT CLEANER spray bottle. Designed to maximize cleaning ability. – (1) Molecule WASH Pour Bottle – (1) Molecule SPOT CLEANER Spray Bottle – Penetrates deeply into technical fabrics, including… Read more »

King Shocks Bump Stops -2.5″ x 2.5″

King bump stops are made from the same quality materials and precision machined components that are used in their performance racing shocks. The precision fit of the components, their unique piston design, the proven valving configuration and our advanced seal… Read more »

F-O-A Fire Extinguisher Mount

High quality Quick Disconnect Fire Extinguisher Bottle mounts produced by F-O-A. A single easy pull action of the locking pin and your bottle is removed. The bottle is replaced by inserting the bracket into the holder via a locating roll… Read more »

Trail Gear – Twin Stick Kit

Creepy™ Twin T-Case Shifter Twin stick shifters allow independent control of the high/low and 2wd/4wd sections of your Toyota gear driven transfer case. This allows access to low range 2wd operation. It also allows you to shift in and out… Read more »

Trail Gear – Chromoly Interlocking Tube Clamps

Chromoly Interlocking Tube Clamps Need to place a support tube across your truggy or buggy, but need the flexibility to remove a motor, transmission, or even a seat? We have the perfect solution for you: Trail-Gear’s Interlocking Tube Clamps. The… Read more »

Alpinestars GP Tech LM Suit

Alpinestars GP Tech LM Suit Complies with FIA Homologation FIA8856-2000 Constructed with lightweight 3 layer Nomex with highly breathable panel inserts. This F1 derived suit features include; – Directional anatomical stretch panels in lower back and spine, sides, crotch and… Read more »

O.D. Tube Clamps

Trail-Gear O.D. Tube Clamps are ideal for suspension and steering brackets that you need attached to a section of tubing when you don’t want to weld the bracket directly to the tubing because adjustment or frequent removal of the bracket… Read more »

Molecule – Complete Care Kit

Everything you need to care for your racing gear is here in your Complete Care Kit which contains a 473ml. Trigger Spray Wash, 473ml. Refresh, 473ml. Protector & 118ml. Spot Cleaner. Caring for your gear has never been easier. No… Read more »