Trail Gear – Rock Assault™ 9 Rear Axle Housing w/Bearing Pockets



Rock Assault™ 9 Rear Axle Housing

The Rock Assault™ 9 is now available as a complete welded assembly from flange to flange including the Unit Bearing Pockets. It is available in 3 great sizes to fit most applications. Designed for Wheel Mount Surfaces (WMS) of 60″, 65″ and 68″. We have made it easier for your axle upgrade or custom build. The assembly will also include the inner housing seals.

Trail-Gear went one step further, redesigning the Rock Assault™ 9 Axle Housing to allow for the use of a 10″ differential! This will give you the option to create an even stronger axle and to give you that piece of mind knowing you have the strongest axle under your rig.

Now Available in 3.5″ O.D. axle tubing.



Axle Lengths


“A” “B” “C” ARB


3” or 3.5” OD x 60” Length (WMS)

55.22” 25.49” 29.75” 31.5”


3” or 3.5” OD x 65” Length (WMS)

60.22” 27.99” 32.25” 34”


3” or 3.5” OD x 68” Length (WMS)

63.22” 29.49” 33.75” 35.5”



NOTE: WMS (Wheel Mount Surface Dimensions) reached using TG Unit Hub, TG# 144012-K, and 1/4″Brake Hats. Using other components  will vary final results. Pinion is offset 2.125 to allow for same size  axle shafts for passenger, and driver side.

Note: The differential bolt pattern on 9″ Axle Housings are NOT universal. Please check before cutting or welding



  • 1/4″ formed shell for the center section made out of A572 Grade 50 Steel
  • Minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi on the center section
  • 1/2″ face plate
  • Axle tubes are secured by the industry’s first 3-Point Attachment System™, giving the tubes superior support and engagement into the center section
  • Fits both a 9″ and 10″ differential
  • Designed for Wheel Mount Surfaces (WMS) of 60”, 65” and 68”

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