Trail Gear – Weld-on Attachment Point, 1/2″




Weld-on Attachment Point, 1/2″

Trail-Gear’s Weld-On Attachment Points are laser cut in-house from A36 steel. They come in two different fitments – one coped on the bottom so it can be welded onto a 1.75″ tube; the other with a flat bottom that can be welded to plate, tubing, or any other flat surface. Both Weld-On Attachment Points are 1/2″ thick and feature a 1/2” hole that works with 7/16” D-rings. Perfect for use with suspension winches or as cargo tie-down points.

Available Options:

  • 304674-KIT – Weld on Attachment STL 1/2”, 1/2” Hole, FLAT
  • 304675-KIT – Weld on Attachment STL 1/2”, 1/2” Hole, 1.75” COPE



  • 1/2” thick A36 steel
  • 1/2” hole
  • Works with 7/16” D-Ring
  • Coped or flat mounting

Additional information

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